Breath Again

Do you ever get to that point of burnout and you just know you need a break? That's where I was at so I took a week off work to rest up for our upcoming busy investment season. We had no plans to go anywhere which was perfect because the island got slammed with snow and the roads were awful, if you've ever been to Vancouver Island you'll understand why we hunker down.

Usually when I take time off work I keep Abigail home so we can have some quality time together. Mum guilt is real my friends when you work full-time! This round I decided to keep Abigail in daycare so we could get some organizing done around the house. I got together my first box for the thrift store and then spent the rest of the morning reading a book. It was fantastic and I quickly got over the guilt. Then the snow came, daycare was closed and we spend ALL day outside sledding and playing in the backyard. I knew I was coming down with something but snow doesn't last very long on the North end so you take it all in, and we had two amazing snow days! Thankfully the rains came the next day and the cold finally caught me. No smell, no taste, I felt like everything was going to explode in my head. Not the best way to end vacation time but I'm thankful it happened towards the end so we could spend those two days making memories!

Breath Cream!

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I've seriously been dripping R.C. directly on my chest, putting Peppermint on the back of my neck and temples and diffusing Thieves & Lemon. I was so desperate to smell something last night I put peppermint inside my nose - DO NOT DO THIS! I could not smell it but it was awful, I knew it was wrong, I knew I shouldn't do it but I did and it BURNED! I am back to work tomorrow, I don't have time to be sick and obviously I make really poor decisions when I am under the weather. I will never do it again but it did remind me of a Breath Cream recipe!

Adult Breathe Cream

2 tbsp Coconut oil 15 drops RC 6 drops Peppermint 7 drops Frankincense 8 drops Eucalyptus 5 drops Thieves

Kids Breathe Cream

4 tbsp Coconut oil 20 drops RC 7 drops Frankincense 7 drops Lavender 10 drops Peppermint

Whip coconut oil and essential oils together with a small whisk and store in a small glass jar.

When you're ready to move forward send me a message and I will walk you through the steps.

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