Just a Girl and her Dog

Ozzy had 4 years as an only dog with 2 members of his pack (we didn’t win in the dog training department)

To be honest I was really worried when we were expecting Abigail that he would change. I had read so many articles about dogs that turned on new babies or children resulting in the poor dog paying the price one way or another. I was determined to never be in that position, I couldn’t even imagine what that must feel like! 

Ozzy & Abigails first photo shoot together

I had to deliver Abigail at a hospital about 2 hours away from home because our local hospital does not deliver babies. I had to be away from home for 2 weeks before my due date and I cried my eyes out like a hormonal 9 month pregnant lady when I said goodbye to my fur baby Oz. I knew coming home would be different for all of us.

We brought Abigail home, Ozzy sniffed her a bit now and then and would walk away. He loved our days at the dog park though. Abigail would chill out in her stroller and he would run around playing, sometimes being totally inappropriate with other dogs, but wasn’t really that interested in her. Then she started moving and chatting and a friendship started to bloom!

From their afternoon chats in the kitchen, to sharing her first birthday cake or spying on the neighborhood. Their friendship quickly became a bond.

Abigail and Ozzy love to share a nap together. Sick days are the best though because they are both allowed in the big bed!!

Ozzy has become accepting of the fact that walks now include a stop at the park instead of a speed walk around the town. He’s terrified of swings though and thinks that Abigail is in great danger on them! He feels better when they sit down for a snack together.

When it’s raining out, which is pretty much 335 days out of the year here! Ozzy and Abigail make the most of it and play indoors! They build forts, do Makeovers, and play Princess & Bad Guys. Then it’s time for Ozzy to get tucked in for the night.

Some days we all take off in the car and head out for an adventure! Abigail is usually prepared to fight off wildlife with her wand and Ozzy likes to woof really loud at a black bears that cross the road.

But lets get real!

Ozzy is still a dog and Abigail is 4! There are days where they just do not get along. Abigail will get upset if Ozzy lays down in a spot that she decided she wanted, or Ozzy will steal a Twinkie when it drops to the ground.

There are nights where I can tell that her chasing, playing and coddling stresses him out. We always have a watchful eye on the two of them and thankfully we have never had to deal with aggression!

I decided Ozzy needed a calm down period and that Abigail needed to slow down and chill out as well. I remembered that I had purchased the Animals Scents from Young Living a few months ago and had not used them in a while.

Ozzy LOVES his oil time so I let Abigail take the reigns tonight. They had a lovely time while she tickled his ears, petted him from head to tail and he got a pretty great belly rub out of the deal also!

30 minutes later Ozzy was in heaven and I had two calm beings making the evening bedtime routine much nicer for us all.

I love that I can go to a product like this and be able to involve Abigail in a really nice bonding moment with him, because lets face it, being dressed up in bows and tiaras by a sometimes screeching child must get a little overwhelming!

Oz takes it like a champ!!!

I would love to hear from you in the comments how you introduced your pet to the new family member & if you have pets & children with special bonds!

~ k ~ c ~

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