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Updated: Jan 19

Monday is here! I've slept in, not made our lunches, forgot to hang my suit up, I have a conference call at 8:30am sharp, my 4 year old wants to collect all of her toys and be a fairy before daycare and now I can't find my keys!

Life happens my friends, and working a demanding career with little ones can feel like one step closer to a full on mental breakdown! I don't know about you but I am constantly fighting against the clock and have days where I run the hamster wheel all day long!

While essential oils may not stop the crazy unplanned moments from happening, they will help you take a moment for yourself. Breath deep and take that moment! You deserve it!

Here are some of my oils that I always have on hand for when I need that moment.

Stress Away

The same says it all, and let me tell you that a drop or two near the collar of my blazer or on my scarf helps me take a deep breath before I make a pitch to a new client or am running close to a deadline.

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This is an amazing oil to kick your brain back into gear!

I start my mornings with a drop in an ice cold glass of water before I do anything, I also put a drop in my morning cleanser. I found that it helps with minimizing spider veins and also gives me glow. When I hit that 3 o'clock slump or need some extra focus I have a roller bottle mixed with lemon and peppermint. I roll this on my wrists and around my neck, take a few deep breaths and move onto my next task of the day.

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Get it? Pan (pain) Away

I won't pretend that I use this after a workout.......who has time for that? But what I can tell you is that this is fantastic for neck and shoulder tension. If you can imagine the moments at work when the boss is down your neck, your clients are demanding things to be done yesterday, co-workers are needing you, family is needing you. You are woman and you are needed.....all the time! I have a roller on this bottle and roll all around my neck and shoulders when they feel like they are compacting into my ears on a stressful day/moment/life.

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Close your eyes and imagine you're on holiday in France, frolicking through the lavender fields in the spring, breath in deep and exhale, open your eyes......yup you're still in your office, your files are still pilled up in the cabinet and a message pops up in your computer to let you know that your client has arrived and they look mad....take a few more deep breaths, you've got this! Plus the aroma of lavender flowing through your office might just calm the client down enough to move forward?

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There you have it. A few of my favourite things that I bring to work with me. As always reach out to me if you have any questions! We are all in this crazy life together!

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