Oola 21 Day Challenge

I've received so many messages asking what this Oola thing is all about!

I have joined forces with Laura Chase who is a great friend of mine and an amazing fellow Oola Life Coach.

This 21-day challenge is designed to spur action in your life, and as a result, get you closer to the life you dream of and deserve – your OolaLife!

This program includes 21 days of challenges that we will send right to your email inbox every day.

Each challenge comes with a graphic, a quote, and a detailed challenge to complete for the day. Some challenges will be easy, some will be hard, some will require you to set aside your pride, some may require you to find some courage, and others might just make you do something you said you’d never do.

EACH DAILY CHALLENGE WILL INCLUDE: A graphic and motivational quote to inspire. A detailed challenge to complete for the day.

Laura and I will be kicking off with a zoom call on July 22nd.

Click below to get yourself registered and join us on an amazing 21 day journey together!


Feel free to email me if you have any issues with the above link and I'll make sure you get registered for July 22nd


Xx Suzanne