Oola Family Challenge

Family, this can be such a comforting word for some, myself included.

I have been blessed with loving parents, a supportive amazing big sister, a fantastic husband who came along with a huge loving family and Abigail the love of all of our lives.

For some the word family might not mean getting out the family tree. I could be a best friend who you identify as a brother or sister, And that is a beautiful thing by the way!

However your family was built let’s take a moment today and show our love.


Say what you need to say. Take the time to write a hand-written note expressing your love and adoration for someone in your family. If they are not near to you, drop it in the mail. If you’re under 30 and don’t know what the mail is, send them a text. Life gets busy, but don’t let the “busy” keep you from expressing your love and gratitude to your family. Don’t assume they know how you feel, write from your heart and let them know how much they mean to you. Want to take it to the next level? Pick up the phone and have a real conversation about how important they are to you.

Love on your people today!

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I can not wait for you to update me on your challenge today!

Be Grateful Have Faith and Live Oola!