Oola Field (Career) Challenge

I have been excited and nervous for this post ll at the same time.

I had what some would see as a great career. I made a really good salary and my annual bonuses were always enough for a fun family vacation, I had full medical and dental benefits. Everything about my job made sense on a logical point.

I started with the company 14 years ago. I had been laid off from my job at the lumber mill which I loved! I was walking out the door to start my job at a local bar as a waitress, I was crying because I am somewhat clumsy and really didn’t want to be that waitress who dumped the tray of drinks on the local patrons! The phone rang and it was the manager of a local bank offering me a part time position. I quickly accepted and called the bar to notify them I wouldn’t be starting.

I quickly moved up the chain. While I am very proud and grateful for all of my years learning and growing I always felt empty in the corner of my life. I couldn’t find my passion day in and day out. I strongly feel that if you are going to work a high pressure and demanding job that can take up 10 or more hours of your day, you need at least a sparkle of passion for it.

I had zero sparkle left in me. I became riddled with anxiety, stress and I was just so unhappy! When you become so out of balance in one area of your life it starts to affect all of the other areas and before you know it life an unbalanced mess.

I had been working with my coach and Field became my priority area to work on. This can be a challenge in a small community with a population not much more than 2000 residents! Determination overcame me after being on medical leave from my job. My goal was “Get new job” I needed to breakout of the comfort zone, maybe not be so logical and open up my horizons. I took a risk that I don’t suggest for everyone and I quit my job before having a backup.

The company worked hard to retain me for days but I was done! I couldn’t undo all of the progress I had recently made on my mental and physical health. Thank god I was offered a job a few days later and this stressful week of unknowns was complete!

I am excited for a new adventure and this also frees up my time to work on my passion which has always been to help people just like you!

Challenge: 55-70% of us wake up each day going to a job we can’t stand. We spend 1/3 of our life doing something that is unfulfilling and unrewarding. It pays the bills, which is important, but that is where it stops. Any job is a blessing. Be grateful for the work you have, however if you are in the 55-70%, don’t get stuck there. Today’s challenge has two parts: 1) write down a detailed description of your dream job, and 2) identify and take 1 action step in the next 24 hours that moves you in the direction of your dream job.

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I can not wait for you to update me on your challenge today!

Be Grateful Have Faith and Live Oola!