Oola Fitness Challenge

Sometimes it takes 10 years to have that

ONE year that changes your life forever!

My fitness goal is HUGE and so scary for me! Why? Because it begins with an addiction that I need to kick in the butt head on!

I never intended to be a smoker still, I was a typical teenager who assumed that I would be able to quit anytime. Yet here I am 37 years old, working so hard on all areas of my health and yet this one always gets pushed to the back burner. Maybe because it's easier to ignore the process of quitting than actually putting in the work?

In light of International Oola day I am making a commitment to myself that I will be ONE year smoke free by July 2021. I am quitting smoking today and I am so determined to get this beast off my back! July 8th 2021 the day after International Oola Day I will be a non-smoker!

I plan to follow the CBQ Method. I have been following them here on Facebook for a while. The support on this group is amazing! Of course I plan to incorporate my beloved essential oils into the mix as well. I have read Black Pepper is amazing!


Dedicate 21 minutes today to your mind, body, and/or soul. Get moving. Do some form of exercise (walk, run, hike, lift, yoga, play) for 21 minutes. If you already exercise, challenge yourself to do more... 21 minutes more. Also, write down and commit to one fitness goal that you can crush before next year's International Oola Day; 7/7/21.

If you are brave enough to set a big, scary goal for your life, comment below or shoot me a direct message! We can be each other’s accountability partners.

Remember, you are designed by God for greatness and a purpose and this 21 minutes extra or setting that big scary goal, might be the exact catalyst you need to unleash this greatness and purpose.

If you have ANY tips on how you were able to quit smoking please comment below!

If you want to talk about your fitness dreams and goals and have me help you plan your OolaLife, message me at contact@kcessentials.net and let’s set up a free 30-minute coaching call. Chat with you soon.

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