Oola Friends Challenge

Friends are the Bacon bits in a salad bowl of life


Block, Unfollow, Delete: Write a list of the 5 people you hang around the most. These are the people you text, talk to, hang with and think about. Now look at the list and read each name one by one. As you read a name, how do you feel. Does it feel like a warm hug? Or do you start to tense up and sweat?

Your body knows what is good for you, and we all have that one friend that is not. It is time to take action and remove that person from your life by blocking them and not letting their toxicity affect your Oola.

Not that bold today? How about this, look at your social media feed. You know that one person who posts, who for whatever reason, it drives you crazy. Start there. Simply block, unfollow and delete. This gives you power to remove toxic people from your life and better yet, creates a spot in your friendship circle for a mentor, someone who can lift you up rather than hold you back.

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I can not wait for you to update me on your challenge today!

Be Grateful Have Faith and Live Oola!