Sneaking Interior design into my life

I'm not sure if I was supposed to be an interior designer in another life or if it's just a really fun hobby of mine. The feeling of satisfaction I get from walking back into a room I have finally finished is thrilling. While my skill may not be on par with HGTV it's something I can truly get lost in. But we're not rich either so I have to find cost efficient ways to get what I want, and also do them in small stages to get it finished.

I was that kid who would switch my bedroom to the empty one next door to mine or randomly change the furniture around in there when I needed a creative change. It wasn't rare to hear furniture being dragged around at the end of the hallway.

I became the adult who would stand in the living room at 2am obsessing over how to change the furniture around, pick out wall paper or paint and get busy doing it the next day. I've also been known to move the couch while my husband napped on it.

Then life gets busy! Between work, family & fun my love for interior design gets pushed to the back burner.

The last couple of years I have been able to find the time to do some projects which take forever to complete but satisfies that need of mine for a fresh new look.

The Master Bedroom

We started with our bedroom. I'm really drawn to the country look so I got obsessed with barn door closet doors but the price of them is insane! While I could have cut back on food, bills and other necessities to pay for them, I decided this might not be in our families best interest. I took to YouTube & Google to find a super easy design for Steve to make for us!

(he might not agree with the easy part) but they turned out beautiful!

I learned so much from this project! I am proud to say I was involved in the making of these, from sanding & staining to helping put up that hardware. Oh and that dresser you see, I put that together piece by piece, all on my own!

I like to diffuse Cedarwood & Lavender most nights. I find the two of them together relax me and I drift off into dreamland.

I moved the lantern diffuser to the bedroom & got this new lamp from Ikea.

I don't keep a tally of what my reno's cost me, because who needs that kind of negativity in their lives right!? If I were to take a guess on the whole bedroom makeover it would be less than $2000

The Kitchen

This project was my baby! I had dreamed about this moment for years! Finally, after a few drinks one night, Steve and I measured up the kitchen and started measuring up the kitchen for new counter tops.

I already knew that I wanted butcher block, where to get them from, and what the measurements were, but I didn't tell Steve that. Thankfully he was on board with my latest idea and we got to work!

The dark was beautiful and would have polished up nice, but I was looking for something bright and fresh.

To anyone wanting to refinish your cupboards beware that taking hinges & handles off was the most daunting task of this whole project!

But I kept on going! Steve and his dad took care of the counter tops while I sanded, painted, tiled, varnished. Due to some life interruptions, this project took much longer than we anticipated. There were lots of late nights, Abigail learned how to swear at 2 years old. Is it wrong that I felt proud when used the "F" word in proper context?

Anyway the point is we got it done! and this did not break the bank by any means! Again, no cost tally taken, but best guess would be $3000 to $5000 Max.


The Living room

This was the cheapest project yet! It cost me about $500 to give this room a quick makeover. I purchased new curtains, rug & slip covers.

Previous to this we had a huge red & white rug, pretty floral curtains & the couch was brown. I refuse to buy new furniture until Abigail moves out! Between the four of us this room was looking and feeling dull. Even my oils couldn't brighten up the room & I thought there was an oil for everything! haha!

The bright colours got me excited for spring!I've got lemon, lavender & peppermint in the diffuser!

Thanks for reading! I'm getting antsy for a new project now! I'm thinking a refurbish of dining room furniture! Let me know if you've got any cost saving tips!


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