Women's Hormones! Are we ever really balanced?

Ahhhhh us females! Aren't we built just so perfectly complicated & amazing?!

We all know how it begins...puberty & the crazy moods. Periods - bring on pimples, cramps, boob pain, nausea for some (ME) ovulation pain. We're happy & sad & mad. We can laugh and cry at the same time, Pregnancy includes pretty much all of the above and more! Then there's menopause, I'm not there yet but from what I hear it's similar to the above but like being in a blender with the lid off and there is no predicting the hot flashes.

I've been through my share of above. Things got completely out of whack after months of fertility treatments followed by a devastating "missed miscarriage" resulting in a D & C at 14 weeks with my second child. About a year later we started up the fertility injections again, and again, and again.....until I felt so out of balance we decided to finish our infertility chapter.

Although being able to make that decision was strangely empowering I needed to get back on track. My periods were all over the place and I felt like I was in a constant state of PMS! yuck!!!!

I had been a member of Young Living for quite a while at this point, and I just knew there had to be a healthy alternative for me. Thankfully I am part of a pretty amazing group of women and was able to get so much valuable information from them. I came up with my own balanced solution, and it took about 3 months to get back to a 28 day schedule and feeling back to normal. This helped me get started on the process on working through my grief.

Please note I am no way a medical doctor so all of this is my own personal experience which worked for me.

Shop The Look: Super B | OmegaGize | Prgessence Plus | EndoFlex

This is what I came up with:

Super B : It has all eight B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12!

B vitamins help keep our cells metabolizing correctly. They are water soluble and are helpful to support normal energy levels. They have a whole host of benefits.

One example is B6 (Pyridoxine) B6 is a helpful supplement to reduce symptoms of depression. It works in the brain to provide healthier cognition. It has been studied to reduce heart disease risk, help aid in hemoglobin production, and support PMS symptoms. It is also used to help nausea during pregnancy.

OmegaGize: This DHA-rich fish oil supplement combines the power of three core daily supplements-omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D-3, and CoQ10 (ubiquinone) with a special blend of essential oils for prime absorption and bio-availability. So good for us girls!

Progessence Phyto Plus is a high quality wild yam extract optimally blended with vitex oil and essential oils. It was formulated by a doctor who specializes in women’s hormonal issues.

Many women who use Progessence Plus experience more regular cycles, cycles that are less painful, and overall less PMS symptoms. Additionally, the natural progesterone support helps women sleep better at night, and leads to less mood swings throughout the day! YES PLEASE!

Primary Benefits: + Naturally encourages the body’s optimal balance + Absorbs more quickly than other natural progesterone supplements + Does not require cycling of the application use

Who should use Pro Plus: + Menstruating females over the age of 12 + Pre and postmenopausal women + Women seeking natural balance + Women looking for a calming sleep aid

If pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use. Do not use in conjunction with contraceptives.

Endoflex is such a beautiful blend of Spearmint, Sage, Geranium, Nutmeg, Myrtle and German Chamomile. It smells AMAZING and I really noticed the benefits of this blend!

Spearmint ~ may help to balance and increase the metabolism.

Sage ~ May help Improve estrogen and progesterone-testosterone balance.

Geranium ~ May help with hormonal balance, liver and kidney functions and the discharge of toxins from the liver.

Myrtle ~ May help regulate thyroid function.

Nutmeg ~ has adrenal cortex- like activity, which helps support the adrenal glands for more energy.

German Chamomile ~ has been found to open the liver, may help with liver function and secretion, and support the pancreas.

As always please message me with your questions and please speak to your doctor if you are taking any medications or have health concerns. I am a strong believer in using supplements and essential oils as a compliment to any health plan you and your doctor have come up with.


If you're ready to join me on this journey click here and shoot me a message!

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